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Rachel Debuque

Justin Plakas

Freckle Synthesis 
Framed Dimensions: 21″x17″
Digital Photo, 2017


100% of this sale will be donated to Black Women Build. Black Women Build-Baltimore is a home-ownership and wealth building initiative that trains black women in carpentry, electrical, and plumbing by restoring vacant and deteriorated houses in West Baltimore. BWBB was founded in 2017 by Shelley Halstead who believes that for black women to build intergenerational wealth, with the inherent security and prosperity it can generate, they must also learn the skills necessary to maintain that wealth. Home ownership and the ability to maintain that asset is one way this can be achieved. Shelley founded Black Women Build-Baltimore with a strong belief in the power of knowledge, skills and opportunity to shape a woman’s life. She is passionate about creating opportunities for black women to thrive. Using an intersectional framework Black Women Build-Baltimore offers its holistic training program to capable women who are ready for change, and would not otherwise have the opportunity.

Read our interview with Rachel and Justin here.


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