Super Future Kid

Virtual Studio Visit – London to Baltimore

December, 2018

Super Future Kid shares her studio through a virtual (e-mail) visit with Amy  Boone-McCreesh. You can see her work in person this week at Pulse, Miami with Mindy Solomon Gallery


Where did you grow up? 

I grew up in a small town in East Germany, about an hour away from Berlin if you take the train.

Where is your studio, How long have you been there? 

My studio which is also my home is in N15 London. My boyfriend and I moved to London almost 11 years ago and I’ve been working in this studio for about 9 years now.

The area is quite interesting, we live on a dead end street which is also pretty short. There are old victorian warehouses used as live work spaces on one side and 3 churches and a body builder gym on the other which makes a very interesting mix of people.


Can you talk about the name Super Future Kid?

I just really wanted to chose my own name, after all I feel like I’m creating my own world with my work so for me its only logical to create a name for me as well.

On a simple level, what would you say your work is about or what drives your work? 

My work is me trying to understand reality, ha ha. I’ve always had a strong drive to make stuff from my earliest memories in day nursery when I was 3 or so where we glued coloured paper bits onto paper and call it a snowman lol. I’m totally hooked on colours, drawing, painting making crafty things from day one, its the only thing that makes sense to me.


Next week, your work will be shown in Miami at Pulse art fair with Mindy Solomon Gallery, will this be the first time your work is shown in the United States?

It’s not the first time no, I’ve actually shown work in the States for many years, a lot more even than over here in the UK. I guess I just live in the ‘wrong’ country XD.

You also have a 3 person show coming up with Mindy Solomon Gallery in April, how are you thinking about that exhibition vs. work that is shown in an art fair setting?

I don’t really think of the work differently, sure the context in which it is shown is not the same but my work is still my work. But of course the more space I have the more I can play with what I make.


How do you structure your life as a working artist? What are your biggest struggles?

Structure is not my strong suit really lol. I’m lucky to be able to do my work full time right now and I absolutely love it. My studio is live work, so I wake up right next to my paints and canvases and I can work on what ever I’ve got going literally at any time of the day which is just what I need.

What do you hope people can take away from your work?

That’s a good question. I don’t set out making the work with any intentions in mind on how people should or could react to it but it’s great to hear when someone has a positive experiences with it and when they can relate to it or even see it as a means to escape into a different world for a moment.

Anything else you would like to promote?

Yes a few things actually!

Today is the opening of the Winter Show at Hiromart Gallery (@hiromartgallery) in Tokyo, its a 3 person show which runs till January 9th 2019.

I’m also showing new work at Art Herning, an art fair in Denmark with Gallery Poulsen (@gallerypoulsen) in early February.

After that I’m taking part in the ‘Ultra Light Beams’ group show at Mount Analogue, Seattle, curated by Anthony White aka @culturalcrisis, opening on February 7th. Then I’ll have a residency at the Garage in Amsterdam also in February. I’ll use the time there to experiment with sculpture and basically just play with what ever I can find. There will be a show at the end of it on March 1st. After that it’s off to Florida for our 3 person show at Mindy Solomon Gallery in April, which I am super excited about already. Its my first time showing at her space and also my first time visiting Miami!

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