Calli Moore Interview at SPRING/BREAK art fair, March, 2018


Belladonna, curated by Calli Moore, features work by Lauren Clay, Roxanne Jackson, Calli Moore, and Aliza Morell

Did the idea for the booth or the artists come first?

The artists. It was Roxanne Jackson whom I had been wanting to show with for a very long time, our work definitely has a dialogue and I was thrilled she agreed. I approached her while I was upstate in New York over the summer thinking about the two of us showing together and she suggested we should try for SPRING/BREAK Art Show. She then mentioned Lauren Clay when I told her about the show idea, and the show idea began to naturally have a witchy vibe, which I wanted to expand on, so naturally I thought of our fourth artist, Aliza Morell, who has been a close friend for some time now.

Moore (wall), Jackson (table), and Clay (wallpaper)

How long have you been planning for this show? What were your goals?

I put a lot of time into planning out the show and writing the proposal. I worked with an editor throughout my writing process and sat down with the artists after the first edit to get their insight and opinions. It’s important to me that my artists approved and believed in the proposal. We all had studio visits with each other and Lauren built out a 3-D model as part of the planning process.  It was about four months of preparation before actually applying to SPRING/BREAK. The show was almost entirely curated before the install. We were given a full week, but it only took us two days.


What’s next after spring break?

I’m in talks to collaborate with the Wall Street Journal  and my online art auction called See You Next Thursday (via Instagram) which starts on a Thursday and ends on a Thursday; SYNT’s title loosely references the typical art opening night (Thursdays) in Chelsea. You can bid through the comment section of the SYNT Instagram account: SYNT Instagram.  Alongside that new endeavor, I am also dying to get back in my studio and make some new work. I feel on fire from how well-received Belladonna was at SPRING/BREAK!

You can still buy work online from the SPRING/BREAK until April 1! Check it out here


Paintings by Morell, ceramics by Jackson, wallpaper by Clay
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